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    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    - by Antara Agarwal

    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    One 404 error page, and you could lose your potential customer right there. This blog will help you turn the tables with these 11 actionable ways to engage customers through your 404 error pages. 
    Every time your internet connection goes down, Google Chrome lets you play a game. And the rage against your WiFi modem is transformed into your T-Rex Runner game score. Guess what this taught us? Not all error 404 pages had to be broken. Confused?
    Let us explain.


    Your 404 error pages can be transformed into lead generation and engagement machines. All you need to do is transform them in a way that they provide real value to the customer. We know it sounds hard to believe but we have some examples that prove otherwise.
    Ready to transform your 404 error pages into customer engagement machines? Let’s go!
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    1. Add Value Through Interactive Content

    Interactive content is the key to three doors – engaging audiences, adding value, and generating leads. In fact, 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is much more effective at grabbing people’s attention than static content. However, your company’s needs will dictate which type of interactive content will work best for you. From calculators, quizzes, and assessments to surveys, contests, and chatbots, there is something for everybody.
    Thinking how can it benefit the 404-page situation? – It’s simple. You can embed these interactive content on your 404 pages. Do you know the fun part? Instead of losing visitors, you will be able to generate leads this way! Have a look at the quiz embedded on Outgrow’s 404 error page.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Outgrow is a platform that helps you to create and share interactive content. No wonder, it turned its 404 error page into a quiz to help users find the content they were looking for. The quiz lets people choose the category of blogs they want to look at. This is a smart way to engage people and direct them to the brand’s most useful resources.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Let’s see another example of an engaging 404 error page by Hotels.com. They have used a smart search filter to let users get to their exact requirements. This type of arrangement can easily be replicated with interactive content like an e-commerce recommendation or an outcome quiz.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Moreover, interactive content types like polls and giveaways on 404 pages act as lead magnets and boost engagement.

    2. Show Trending Product Recommendations

    Showcasing your best selling products on the dead-end street of a 404 page can unlock newer avenues. Nike utilizes this idea by showcasing its best shoes on its 404 error page along with the prices linking users to the product page. And, they are back to the business!
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Another example comes from eBay 404 error page. It says “We looked everywhere” instead of plain “Page not found”. This projects that the company took some effort to find what the user was looking for. It goes on to display its top trending deals to engage and retain its customers.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    3. Appeal with Enticing UI/UX Design

    First impressions have the ability to make or break a deal. And, good UI and UX designs never fail to impress. It can act like an eye candy making the customer more confident and approving of your website. In fact, a well-designed user interface could raise your website’s conversion rate by up to 200%.
    Naturally, a 404 page can also benefit from a good UI design. Once you get your audience glued to the page, it is easier to convince them to consider other content and redirect them wherever you want.
    Look at this super cool interface design on Netflix’s 404 error page. It says “Lost your way?” with a terrific background scene from one of its shows. It also places a clear cut CTA button redirecting users to the Netflix home page.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Here is another example of an interesting 404 error page by Dribbble. This might look like a simple 404 image to you. However, each little box that makes this big 404 design is actually the popular designs that the brand offers. As you hover over the boxes, they magnify and can redirect you to the actual design pages. This is a smart way of showing the users the popular offerings of the brand in place of what they came looking for.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    4. Add a CTA

    Landing on a 404 page looks like a dead-end for the audience and their first instinct is to close your website unless you show them otherwise. Hence, the best way to open new roads is through a clear call-to-action. Show them a path to find what they came for, and they shall follow. You can even add a CTA directing them to your homepage or other useful resources!
    For brands like ActiveCampaign, a marketing automation company, one of the primary goals involve getting the people to try out their software through a free trial. Hence, the brand turns its 404 error page into an actionable site by smartly adding a “Try it free” CTA button.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    5. Place a Search Bar 

    A CTA is great! But there are customers who want to search for something specific without getting deviated. A search bar is perfect for those situations. In fact, you may choose to have either or both CTA and search bar. You can even do A/B testing to find which one suits your website the best.
    For example, Disney displays a fun 404 page with its popular characters popping up with a search bar asking “What can Knowsmore help you find today?”. Cute, isn’t it?
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    6. Tell Brand Stories

    People love stories. Utilize this opportunity to spice up your 404 pages. Show a snippet of your brand stories telling the visitors what your brand is all about. You can talk about your brand history, success stories, or your CSR activities. This establishes a deeper connection with your audience.
    Here is yet another example we have from The Walt Disney Company. They creatively put a snippet of “About us” on the 404 error page with a fun background image. They also placed a “View More” CTA button to redirect people to other important pages.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    7. Connect To Blogs/Other Relevant Pages 

    On similar lines with our previous point, talking about your other important resources can be a great way to engage visitors and drive traffic. You can redirect them to your best-viewed page or an event you want to promote. You can also analyze the topics that are most searched on your website and link them right on the 404 error page.
    TripAdvisor followed the exact tactic by showcasing their most popular searches like Hotels, Flights, Restaurants, etc. on their 404 pages. Moreover, their engaging lines are hard to miss. No boring “Page not found” message. They rather say “This page is on vacation… And you should be too.”
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Here is another example from Amazon. Along with saying how sorry they are for the trouble, they try to pique the interest of the visitors by showcasing a fun page from their blog section. It says “Meet the dogs of Amazon”. This displays Amazon’s bring-your-dog-to-work culture with over 7,000 dogs registered to come to work with Amazonians in Seattle. Now, that’s interesting!
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    8. Show Product Demo Videos

    Needless to say, videos are one of the most consumed content types today. So, why not use this opportunity to boost engagement on the 404 pages? This strategy would work great with brands that have products or services that people would love to see a demo of.
    Have a look at this 404 error page by Salesforce that displays a demo video. Being a CRM and automation software, getting people to see how their tool actually works can do wonders. It not only engages users with meaningful content but also fosters lead generation and conversions.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    9. Entertain with Games

    We have all played the T-Rex Dino game on Chrome when the internet connection is lost. Let’s admit, we kind of enjoy that too (what’s your highest score?). What if you can embed some kind of a game on your 404 pages too? Don’t believe us?
    Look at our inspiration taken from LEGO. Its 404 error page displays this super cool box giving the visitors two options. They can either continue to shop at their home page or play games on their specially designed Play Zone. Isn’t this fun now?
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Here is yet another example from MailChimp. This 404 error page shows an animated character searching for the desired page everywhere.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Moreover, as you click on the animal, it starts a game. Beware: this game can trigger feelings of nostalgia. Yes, it’s the epic Snake game! Try doing something similar, and you are bound to increase engagement.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    10. Offer Discounts 

    If you’re selling something, you can’t go wrong with this strategy. Offering discounts work wonders on your websites and ads. Think differently this time. Showcase your discount offers on your 404 error page and start a new journey with your audiences. Alternatively, you can also talk about your upcoming sale or put up a newsletter sign-up box to keep them notified.
    Isle of Dogs does a great job by embedding a pop-up on its 404 error page offering the potential customers a sign-up discount. This is a smart way to generate leads as well.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 

    11. Humor the audience 

    Emotions are the key to boosting engagement. And if you can humor your visitors, nothing like it. 404 pages generally evoke emotions like disappointment or frustration. Try creating a funny copy that can instantly make people smile or can uplift their mood.
    “How could anyone get angry at this face?” Indeed, how could anyone! This is an excellent example from Marketo. This copy is something that a user can recall hours later and giggle about.
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 
    Care for one more? Well, you will have to be a Marvel fan for this one! This 404 error page from Marvel says “Hydra is currently attacking this page!”. A true fan can’t skip a good laugh at this one!
    11 Capturing Ways To Engage Customers Through Your 404 Error Pages 


    Well, we have crossed an ocean of examples! And if you made it till here, we surely did engage you. These 11 404 error pages strategies are definitely a better way to engage your customers than the standard “404: Page Not Found”. Agree? So, pick your favorites from the above-mentioned examples and start engaging! Also, let us know which ones did you like the best in the comments section below.

  • Advertising Agencies

    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    - by Shreya Sinha

    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    By 2026, digital advertising agencies in Southeast Asia are predicted to grow by 13.93% In fact, it will reach a whopping amount of $15.35 billion. These figures make it the fastest growing regional market in the world.
    Southeast Asia is home to approximately 650 million people. Moreover, it has a digital economy that will triple in size over the next six years. As a result, many Southeast Asia countries have opened their eyes to the changing business realities. Today, most businesses are investing in advertising. In case you haven’t begun, this is the right opportunity for you.Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia
    This blog will take you through the top advertising agencies in Southeast Asia. In fact, we also have assembled their top case studies to prove their mettle. So, let’s get on with the journey to find the best one!

    1. Mirum Agency

    Mirum is an advertising agency operating in 25 countries. It specializes in transforming business and designing innovative digital experiences. Moreover, it masters commerce campaigns at a global and local level. 
    Success Stories
    Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) wanted to educate Indians about the benefits of mutual funds. Hence, Mirum created a campaign around www.mutualfundssahihai.com. Consequently, the brand saw a 150% increase in equity mutual funds investment.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia
    Moreover, the #MutualFundsSahiHai hashtag gained 26 million impressions. In fact, it reached 3.1 million unique Twitter accounts.

    2. Smaato 

    Smaato is a global in-app advertising platform. It helps apps to reach their full monetization potential through advertising. Furthermore, it specializes in programmatic advertising.
    Success Stories
    Recently, FunCorp worked with Smaato to leverage high viewability. Consequently, they engaged their audience and maximized revenues from their iFunny app. In fact, the brand secured a 128% increase in total revenue.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    3. Fleishman Hillard

    Founded in 1946, Fleishman Hillard is one of the pioneer advertising agencies in Southeast Asia. It specializes in advertising, PR, and content marketing. Moreover, it deals with paid media and social media.
    Success Stories
    Beauty brand Olay wanted to inspire Thai women to break free from the fear of beauty judgment. Hence, Fleishman Hillard designed a campaign titled “Your Best Beautiful”. It hosted beauty-judging sessions and rolled a series of YouTube videos. It also encouraged the creation of user-generated content.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia
    This campaign generated 2 million video views on Facebook. Moreover, this took Olay Thailand’s Facebook page to the No. 1 position globally.

    4. Invoke Malaysia 

    Invoke is an integrated data-driven digital advertising agency. It aims to assist brands with strategic and analytical marketing. It specializes in digital marketing, social media, and consulting.
    Success Stories
    Invoke used data to profile how 15 million Malaysian voters would vote in the 2018 general election. Furthermore, it built algorithms and developed machine learning models. In fact, this predicted results on the basis of their personal traits.
    As it turns out,  Invoke was the only organization to predict the outcome correctly.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    5. Grey Group

    Grey is one of the world’s top advertising agencies in Southeast Asia. It caters to one-fifth of the Fortune 500 companies. In fact, it has been named Adweek’s “Global Agency of the Year”​ twice. Furthermore, it was titled  Advertising Age’s “Agency of the Year”​ in recent years. Needless to say, it excels in advertising, digital experience, and PR.
    Success Stories
    Grey partnered with Volvo to reposition test drives as ‘prize’ to drive acquisition. They designed a campaign with online film, social media, and WhatsApp. As a result, the brand generated thousands of new sales leads.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    6. Isobar 

    Isobar is a global digital agency. It has been awarded over 450 times in the past two years. It caters to digital marketing and advertising audiences. Moreover, it also offers consulting and branding services.
    Success Stories
    Isobar worked with LEGO to develop hundreds of engaging digital display elements. Secondly, it came up with immersive site experiences. Finally, these elements went live on LEGO-owned digital channels. As a result, LEGO achieved double-digit growth in US business.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    7. Code and Theory

    Code and Theory is a digital-first advertising agency. It aims at fostering creativity, technology, and innovation. It specializes in advertising, business strategy, and digital transformation. Furthermore, it offers social, analytics, and content strategy services.
    Success Stories
    CoinDesk wanted to redesign its platform. This was to instantly upgrade its capabilities and provide a robust roadmap for its future.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia
    Code and Theory modernized CoinDesk’s display advertising strategy. It launched high-impact custom advertising and sponsor content to boost customer engagement.

    8. Fresh Consulting

    Fresh is an integrated consulting agency. It specializes in creative strategy, digital services, and brand identity. In fact, those looking for innovative designs, web development, and marketing automation should check it out. 
    Success Stories
    OpenText required various services and Fresh became the ideal solution. It provided social strategy and web development services. Moreover, it also offered creatives and videos.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia
    As a result, it became the #1 source of lead generation traffic. Moreover, OpenText stated that Fresh Consulting is a key part of its growth strategy.

    9. FCB 

    With a rich history since 1873, FCB is one of the fully integrated advertising agencies in Southeast Asia. Its principles are based on the understanding of diversified local markets and global cultures. Through this, it focuses on evolving consumer behavior.
    Success Stories
    Burger King was facing a challenge since McDonald’s restaurants outnumbered theirs 2 to 1. Hence, FCB came up with a strategic campaign “The Whopper Detour”. It used geofencing technology to unlock the Whopper Detour promotion. This activated only when people were within 600 feet of Burger King’s biggest competitor.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    10. Dentsu 

    Dentsu is a full-service agency that believes in innovating brands. It specializes in digital strategy and creative consulting. Furthermore, it offers social media, market research, and branding solutions.
    Success Stories
    70% of Indonesians didn’t know they have diabetes. In partnership with Topli Tissues, Dentsu promoted a piece of tissue that easily tested for diabetes. As a result, Diabetest saw increased demand like never before. This campaign fetched many awards at Cannes, London International, AdStars, and much more.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    11. Havas Indonesia

    Havas is one of the best advertising agencies in Southeast Asia. It specializes in advertising, digital innovation, and social media. Moreover, it also offers PR and communications services.
    Success Stories
    Entrostop wanted to prevent people from diarrhea, especially children. For this, Havas created an innovation in the form of a flies-free food mat. This campaign saved thousands of children living in slum areas.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    12. Iris 

    Iris is one agency that likes to work with ambitious clients to create a bold solution. It believes in change, challenge, and disruption. It specializes in digital marketing and advertising. Furthermore, it also offers influencer marketing and content marketing.
    Success Stories
    Iris partnered with Starbucks to project it as a progressive brand. It came up with an integrated brand campaign “#whatsyourname”. In fact, it took Starbucks’ signature act of writing people’s names on cups to promote the LGBT community.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    13. Essence 

    Essence is a pioneer when it comes to advertising. It makes the optimum use of analytics and technology. It specializes in digital strategy, marketing, and advertising. Furthermore, it offers social, mobile, search, and design services.
    Success Stories
    In association with Google, Essence designed a campaign, “#LookBeforeYouLeave“. This was for making the people of India fully aware of Google Maps’ real-time features. The campaign finally achieved the goal. Consequently, Google secured 40% of the growth in daily active users.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    14. Finn Partners

    Finn is a global integrated marketing agency. It has been named “Best New Agency”. Finn also received the “Best Mid-Sized Agency of the Year” award three times. It specializes in advertising, branding, and digital marketing. It also deals with media relations and crisis communication.
    Success Stories
    Jack Daniel’s wanted to better connect with the existing and new audience of the brand. For this, Finn carried out various brand awareness programs and new product launches. It also came up with a series of campaigns. It included podcasts, videos, direct emails, web, and social creatives. Consequently, the brand saw an astounding sales increase from 5mn to 20mn cases sold annually.Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia

    15. Archetype 

    Archetype is an advertising agency that aims at building the world’s most magnetic brands. It specializes in advertising, digital marketing, communications, and branded content.
    Success Stories
    Archetype worked with BAE Systems to help fight against cybercrime. They created infographics, a corporate landing page, and a 360-degree video. They also designed a hologram that can be activated across any mobile device. The campaign increased website traffic by more than 600%.
    Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Southeast Asia


    Here you have the top 15 advertising agencies in Southeast Asia. Having so many potential customers online makes digital advertising a no-brainer. Moreover, imagine the impact of your advertising if you had the power of interactive content to boost your lead generation. With the development and increased spending power, Southeast Asia is like an orchard full of almost ripe apples. And, it’s time to start plucking!

  • content marketing agencies

    TOP 15 Content Marketing Agencies in South East Asia

    - by Soumodip Roy

    Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in South East Asia

    Did you know that 72% of marketers agree that content marketing increases engagement? But, content marketing is easier said than done. ‘60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day’. Now, that is a huge amount of competition, right there! You will need experts who can help cut through the competition and boost your content marketing efforts. Maybe this list of the top content marketing agencies in South East Asia can help you out!
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    outgrow lead generation tool

    1. iProspect Indonesia

    iProspect is a global marketing agency and caters to some of the best brands around the world. Furthermore, their unique approach to content marketing has rightfully earned them a place among the best content marketing agencies in South East Asia.
    iProspect Indonesia follows a data-driven approach to content marketing. And with some best-in-class content creators, they produce intelligent content that drives engagement and commercial success. In order to attract your target audience, they can leverage videos, blogs, microsites, landing pages, and more.
    iprospect: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    2. Dog Digital

    Dog Digital is one of the finest content marketing agencies in South East Asia. They develop content strategies that help you stand out in the crowd. The Dog Digital team gives you detailed content plans of what to share, when to share, and with whom. Also, they help you in creating engaging content that drives visibility, sales, and increases your online presence.

    Case Study:

    To make football the most played sport by women in the European countries, UEFA launched the #WePlayStrong campaign in 2016. And Dog Digital was the architect behind the campaign’s success. They developed a cross channel content strategy and successfully targeted potential players and football fans between the ages of 16-25 in Europe.
    dog digital: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    3. Forwardpmx

    ForwardPMX is a global brand performance agency that helps brands fuel exceptional growth. They provide an all-round online marketing strategy with content at its core. Their data-driven content strategies are specifically designed to target audiences across the buyer’s journey. Not to mention, the holistic content strategies are used across online platforms. From content creation, social content mapping, result-driven storytelling to content analysis, they cover it all.

    Case studies:

    ForwardPMX has been working with Virgin Holidays since 2016. And to improve Virgin’s authority in Google’s eyes, they created the ‘Trending Travel Guide’ project. As part of the strategy, they decided to create inspirational and interactive content based on data and social listening. Henceforth, the campaign got 812k Fb impressions and ranked in Top 10 travel guides along with other outstanding stats.
    forwardPMX: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    4. MOI

    MOI is a global B2B online marketing agency for technology brands. Their award-winning B2B demand generation campaigns are proven to turn heads. And their in-house services include content marketing, videos, copywriting, social media, and more.

    Case Study:

    MOI launched the ‘Hug a Hacker’ campaign for F5 Networks to boost awareness on cybersecurity. Also, they intended to place F5 as a cybersecurity solution leader and drive qualified leads for the brand. And the results, 1.6 M pipeline generated along with 76k+ website visits and 375 qualified leads.
    MOI: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    5. Spiralytics

    Spiralytics leverages content marketing, SEO, and online advertising backed by robust analytics to build your business. Their expert content marketing team is responsible for creating, publishing, and distributing your content online. They boost your traffic, generate leads, and help improve your brand awareness through content marketing.
    Spiralytics: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    6. WEBARQ

    WEBARQ is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Indonesia. They provide end to end online marketing services. As a matter of fact, they believe content marketing is the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. From copywriting to videos, they cover it all.

    Case Study:

    WEBARQ built the digital presence of Sari Roti using content marketing, social media, online ads, and more. They created and published a series of photo and video recipes that increased Sari Roti’s online presence.
    WEBARQ: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    7. KKC Outsourcing Corporation

    KKC is one of the best content marketing agencies in South East Asia. The company provides cost-effective online marketing solutions to small to medium businesses. They can create and distribute content that is designed specifically for your business and audience. Apart from content marketing, they offer property preservation, SEO, graphic design, and more.
    KKC Outsourcing Corporation: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    8. iManila

    iManila is among the best content marketing agencies in the Philippines. Along with a robust content marketing strategy, they offer website and blog content development services. You can also avail of other digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, email marketing, and more.
    iManila: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    9. Truelogic

    Truelogic is a Philippines based agency specializing in SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, and reputation management. Unlike most agencies, they focus mainly on written content. You can outsource content from Truelogic to turn your visitors into customers. Also, they use lead nurturing techniques to turn your prospects into profit. Their content marketing services include blogs, ebooks, guest posts, press releases, newsletters, and more.
    Truelogic: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    10. First Page Digital

    First Page Digital is undoubtedly one of the best content marketing agencies in South East Asia. In fact, their unique content formula has delivered remarkable results to thousands of clients. They create a mix of blog posts, emails, and social media content as a part of their content marketing strategy.
    First Page: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    11. Phibious

    Phibious is your go-to brand for any digital marketing services in South East Asia. Some of the world’s most iconic brands have sought their help to flourish in the South East Asian markets. Their range of services includes content marketing, brand consulting, digital marketing, and more.

    Case Study:

    Phibious chose to go with the concepts of content marketing in order to introduce the new Piaggio Medley in the Vietnamese market. They went about by releasing a series of thematic visuals that portray the dual personas of their riders. Furthermore, they released another visual series flaunting the unique USPs of the premium scooter.
    Phibious: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    12. 9thWonder

    9thWonder is one of the largest content marketing agencies in South East Asia. Moreover, content marketing is one of the many specializations they have. To specify, they have expertise in media planning, SEO, video production, public relations, marketing automation, and more.

    Case Study:

    9thWonder helped Samsung beat the competition and connect with Public Safety first responders. And they were able to do this through brand positioning, messaging, and content strategy. Their efforts resulted in a 162% increase in organic keywords and a 270% increase in unique visitors.
    9th wonder: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    13. 2X

    2X is a B2B marketing service provider for technology and professional services industries with end-to-end online marketing expertise. And due to this expertise, they excel in content marketing. 2X uses its expertise in email marketing, SEO, and paid ads to reach the target audience efficiently. The content marketing tools they use are blogs, whitepapers, datasheets, case studies, etc.
    2x: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    14. CPXi Asia

    CPXi Asia has been helping brands access the full potential of digital marketing for 17 years now. From creating content to distributing and promoting, they can help you with all of that. Their content marketing services enable you to promote your site’s content and extend your audience reach across channels. They leverage content types such as newsletters, video syndications, and branded content.
    CPXi asia: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

    15. Vero

    The Vero agency helps businesses grow in the South East Asian markets by creating unique brand experiences that attract users. And they do this by combining all the modern online outreach strategies available. Their in-house content marketing experts ensure that your brand content stands out in the highly competitive digital space. Be it videos, or press releases – they have got you covered.

    Case Study:

    Vero was assigned to drive awareness and discovery of Booking.com’s diverse range of accommodation options. As a part of this objective, Booking.com launched the Bangkok Booking Bus – a self-contained camper van with a distinctive Thai design. Henceforth, Vero promoted this initiative with a series of press releases, interviews, and influencer outreach programs. As a result, the campaign got 125 media attendance, 200+ media coverage, and more.
    Vero: content marketing agencies in South East Asia


    If you want to tap into the fast-growing market of South East Asia then these agencies will come as a savior. Having said that, if you can spot any agency that we have missed, do let us know. We will be happy to update the list.
    Furthermore, if you want to know about the ins and outs of the future of content marketing, (i.e interactive content) then explore Outgrow. It can help you take control of your content marketing endeavors. Check out how you can create kickass interactive content for your brand and also try it out for free.

  • free tools

    Top Free Tools Created By Real Estate Companies

    - by Soumodip Roy

    Top Free Tools Created By Real Estate Companies

    Gone are the days of traditional marketing. No matter what industry you are in, digital is going to be the new normal. Needless to say, the shift to digital seems more promising after the COVID-19 outbreak. Even historically offline sectors like real estate are exploring new ways to market their brands digitally. So, in this article, we have listed the top free tools created by real estate companies.
    outgrow lead generation tool
    During our research, we found that real estate companies are using interactive quizzes and calculators in abundance. And why wouldn’t they? After all, 88% of marketers say that interactive content helps them stand out from the competition. Read on to know about the free tools created by real estate companies that are used to generate traffic, leads, and engagement.
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    1. Outgrow – Cost of building a home

    free tools by real estate companies
    Here’s a beautiful interactive widget by Outgrow that calculates the cost of building your dream house. The calculator attracts the attention of the users with its flawless modern designs. And also keeps the user engaged throughout.
    But, the big question is ‘Who gains what’?

    How Does It Help The Customer?

    Anyone who is looking to build a home would want to get an estimate of the expenses. And this calculator is the perfect solution to the problem. With an estimate in hand, the user will obviously be in a better position to arrange the finances.

    How Does It Help The Real Estate Company?

    Real estate companies can use the Outgrow experience to attract users to their site. Furthermore, the calculator adds value to the customer by solving a problem. Hence it is effective for increasing brand awareness. Additionally, it gets qualified leads as well as other valuable information about the customer. The real estate companies can leverage this for personalized retargeting in the future.

    2. Houzz – The Basement Quiz

    Houzz is an online hub where you can shop for furniture and connect with any real estate professionals.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    They designed this basement quiz that takes user input and gives basement remodeling ideas. Did you know that interactive quizzes have a staggering 90% completion rate? Well, Houzz definitely did because they created this amazing interactive quiz!
    Basements are often dark and gloomy. And this quiz entices people to transform their basements into something unique. The quiz delivers ideas to transform the basements based on the user’s taste. Now, who would not want to check out how their basement can be upgraded!
    For Houzz, the quiz attracts users and increases user engagement. And due to the increase in traffic and engagement in their blogs, they can rank higher in SERP (better SEO in simple terms).

    3. Vanderbilt – Early Payoff Calculator

    Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc. deals with home loan-related products.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    Who doesn’t want to pay off their mortgages as early as possible? And exactly for this reason, Vanderbilt has built this free tool for its users. Considering the balance amount, interest rates, and more, the calculator estimates the savings and fund requirement on early repayment. Hence, the calculator helps the user eliminate the guesswork and make an informed decision on early payoffs.
    We have already seen how this tool adds value to its user. On top of that, Vanderbilt offers this tool for free. As a result, they attract a lot of viewers who are probably considering an early loan payoff. This not only builds traffic but also brings potential customers who might be interested in Vanderbilt’s services.

    4. Cornerstone – Where the heck should you live?

    Cornerstone deals with mortgages and other real estate financial products.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    Based on the user’s choice of answers, this free tool maps out their taste of living. Finally, it shows the house that fits best with the user’s taste. This way, a user who is planning to buy a home can find out which type of house he should look for. It eliminates the problem of choice and lets the customer focus on a single house type.
    The quiz certainly increases quality traffic (people who are considering buying a home) and user engagement for Cornerstone’s blog. Also, they can use retargeting methods to advertise their home loan products to these potential customers.

    5. Zillow – Affordability Calculator

    Zillow is an online portal for real estate sell, purchase, and rental properties.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of buying a home? Let us guess – ‘How much can I afford?’. Well, you are not alone. This keyword has a search volume of 201,000 just in the US!
    keyword result
    So, to answer this pressing question, Zillow has built this affordability calculator. Based on income and other parameters, the calculator can tell how much the user can spend on buying a house.
    Affordability calculators can jell up with almost every business in the real estate sector. In this case, Zillow increases its user engagement and traffic. It helps the user (probably in the initial stage of the buyer’s journey) solve a problem. Further, with retargeting, Zillow can nurture these traffic to push them down the sales funnel.

    6. HSH – Mortgage Quiz

    HSH is a real estate financing knowledge portal.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    Among all the financial instruments governing the real estate industry, mortgages are probably the most complex. Having said that, portals like HSH, constantly try and help you understand mortgages in the simplest way possible. For example, HSH built this Mortgage Quiz that can help users gauge their knowledge about mortgages.
    If you look at the quiz you will see that each answer comes with a detailed explanation. Therefore, you can use this knowledge testing quizzes to educate customers (specifically, customers in the initial buying cycle). For this particular quiz, in addition to traffic and engagement, HSH has used it to gain traction on other quizzes as well.

    Related read: Realtor Marketing Ideas

    7. Improvenet – Concrete Calculator

    Improvenet is a real estate contractor search portal.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    This free calculator, helps the user calculate concrete requirements for any real estate project. And guess what? Prospects love it!
    The reason is quite simple, it’s always nice to get an estimate before going to the hardware store.

    And this is also why concrete calculators are widely offered as a free tool by real estate companies. Here, if you check out the calculator page, you will notice that Improvenet has added a pop-up and a CTA ‘get free masonry quote’. Now this will give them leads and other user information as well. Additionally, they can use cookies for personalized retargeting ads for further nurturing.

    8. Relator.Com – Refinance Calculator

    Relator.com is a leading real estate search platform.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    This calculator by Realtor.com can be used to determine if refinancing is the best option for the user. The calculator compares existing home loan rates with new rates and other factors to calculate the user’s savings upon refinancing.
    Refinance calculators or any other financial calculators for the real estate business can drive some serious conversions. 51% of marketers say that online calculators are most effective in the “Consideration Stage” of a buyer’s journey. And for Relator.com the calculator generates traffic and engagement. They have leveraged the traffic not only to gain potential customers but also to generate revenue through Adsense.
    Related read: Interactive Content Ideas For Each Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey

    9. SparkRental – Rental Property ROI Calculator

    SparkRental deals with everything related to rental properties.
    free tools created by real estate companies
    This free tool by SparkRental calculates the ROI on rental property. It helps the users to make an informed decision on their investment.
    Real estate is a very competitive market. So, how can a real estate company stand out? Well, it needs to offer something of value to their customers! And this is exactly what Spark Rental intends to do with this calculator. Along with quality traffic, this free ROI calculator is also helping the company improve its brand awareness.


    Interactive quizzes and calculators are a powerhouse of lead generation and customer engagement. If you use it properly, you will get results for sure. And if you are wondering ‘how do I build these tools?’. Well, as we keep saying, there isn’t an alternative to Outgrow!
    Go ahead and check out the amazing platform where you can build calculators, quizzes, e-commerce recommendations, chatbots, and more. You can also try it out for free!

  • tools

    10 Powerful List Building Tools You Need To Use

    - by Soumodip Roy

    10 Powerful List Building Tools You Need To Use

    Here we have listed 10 powerful list-building tools that you must know about. Now for those of you who know the ‘What’ & ‘Why’ of list building, you can skip the intro. But, for those who don’t, let’s start by understanding what is list building and why it is important.
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    outgrow lead generation tool tool

    What is List Building / Email List Building?

    In simple terms, List building or Email List building is the process of building a database of email addresses. To be precise, it is the process of developing a contact list (email address), of people who choose to receive information about your product. These people can be the ones who subscribe to your newsletter or are simply interested in your services.
    Having said that, you should also remember that buying email lists is not considered as Email List Building. Your users should willingly ‘opt-in’ to receive emails from your brand.
    But that is easier said than done. So, a little help is needed now and then. Presenting, the top 10 powerful list building tools you need to boost up your business.

    The Top 10 List Building Tools:

    1. Sleeknote

    Sleeknote: List Building Tool
    Sleeknote helps you put slide-ins and pop-ups on your website. They offer one of the best popup builders in the market. You can easily customize the design of your content without any hustle.

    Unique Features:

    Page-specific targeting: You can display personalized on-page messages to the right person, at the right place.
    Google policy-compliant: They follow Google’s interstitials policy. This means you can turn your mobile visitors into email leads without attracting google penalties.

    Case Study:

    “3”, a mobile operator in Danes, wanted to generate leads from abandoning visitors. Hence, they deployed an ‘Exit-Intent’ popup using Sleeknote. And the results, the popup was triggered 7M+ times and generated 127,000 leads along with a 1.8% conversion rate.
    sleeknote case study

    2. Outgrow

    Outgrow: List Building Tool
    Remember interactive content? Well, you must, since we do not stop talking about how much we love it! Outgrow is one of the best interactive content creation tools in the market. You can create various interactive content types like quizzes, calculators, chatbots, surveys, e-commerce recommendations, and more. And the best part, it is super easy to use. They offer a drag and drop interface that allows you to create interactive content with zero coding knowledge. Hands down, it is the most powerful list building tool you will ever come across.

    Unique Features:

    No-code platform: This eliminates the need for coding. Even laymen can use their platform to build robust quizzes, calculators, etc.
    Design & customization: Outgrow offers a wide variety of templates that follow all modern design practices. You also get full flexibility to customize the designs to suit your business needs.
    Embeds: You can embed the interactive experience in popup, website, emails, greet bars, chatbots, and more. As a result, you can catch the attention of your audience at multiple touchpoints.
    Analytics: You can leverage their robust in-built analytics to gauge the performance of your content. Henceforth, you can use the report to better optimize your content and placements.
    * To know more about their features, click here.

    Case Study:

    Golf Avenue, a Canadian online golf store, created an interactive quiz (Guess Your Golf Handicap) using Outgrow. The quiz was not only fun but also offered special discounts based on the score. As a result, Golf Avenue gained 250K visits, 80000+ leads, and more.
    Case Study Outgrow

    3. Pure Chat

    Pure Chat: List Building Tool
    Live chats can be very useful in building a mailing list. Pure Chat is a freemium tool that helps you add live chat on your website. It is very easy to set up and can collect leads automatically.

    Unique Features:

    Auto Lead Capture: It can save your visitor’s contact information automatically even without a CRM. You can also lookup visitors and save conversations for better customer service.
    Analytics: With their feature-packed analytics setup, you can track users in real-time. Therefore, you can reach promising visitors based on their on-site activity at the right moment.
    Integration: Pure Chat can integrate with thousands of third-party apps including Hubspot, Google Analytics, and more.

    4. AddThis

    AddThis: List Building Tool
    If you are wondering ‘how to build an email list for free?’, then AddThis is your answer. It is a free tool to make list building banners, pop-ups, and sliders. The list building banners stick to the top or bottom of the page, constantly flashing the CTA. But, it doesn’t affect the user experience. Similarly, the sliders and popups built on AddThis don’t annoy the user because you can set trigger parameters.

    Unique Features:

    Customizable: Customize your banners and popups to match your branding.
    Easy to use: You do not need any developer to use this tool. Simply place the code in the body of any web page and enjoy the perks.
    Analytics: It analyzes the performance of your content and sends you a weekly report.

    Case Study:

    ‘Xerox’, pioneers in document technology, had a 540% increase in their email list. They leveraged tools (by AddThis Pro) like audience targeting, share, and follow buttons.
    Case Study: AddThis

    5. LeadPages

    Leadpages: List Building Tool
    If you are wondering ‘how to build an email list fast?’, then you need dedicated landing pages that focus solely on your opt-in. And, LeadPages is one of the best landing page builders out there. Apart from landing pages, you can create opt-in texts, pop-ups, alert bars, and more.

    Unique Features:

    Drag & Drop: Their drag and drop page builder makes your template customization very easy.
    Timing control: You can add a timer to your page and entice the visitor to make a quick decision.
    Analytics: Take optimization decisions based on your analytics report. Also, get a/b split test and real-time conversion tips.

    Case Study:

    Check out how ‘Jody’ (a yoga instructor from America), built her opt-in subscribers list. She used opt-in offers, lead magnets, countdown timers, etc. to capture leads efficiently.
    Case Study: LeadPages

    6. Wishpond

    Wishpond: List Building Tool
    Wishpond is a list building tool with which you can create contests, promotions, landing pages, pop-ups, and beyond. Additionally, it comes with a robust lead management system that helps you track, segment, and manage your leads.

    Unique Features:

    Marketing Automation: Lets you nurture your leads and retain customers automatically. Also, send hot leads to your sales team in real-time.
    Referral Suite: This feature enables you to run bonus contests and embed leader boards to increase user engagement.
    Analytics: Helps you analyze your campaigns in real-time as well as perform a/b tests.

    Case Study:

    Deviate Labs, a marketing agency ran a voting contest using Wishpond for one of their clients. Consequently, the campaign garnered 20k+ impressions along with 15k+ opt-ins.
    Case Study: Wishpond

    7. Button Builder

    Button Builder: List Building Tool
    CTA buttons play a pivotal role in catching your viewer’s attention. Button Builder is a simple list building tool that helps you create customized CTA buttons. You can instantly create buttons to highlight ‘opt-in’ on your websites and emails.

    Unique Features:

    Free Tool: This is a completely free tool with no restricted features.
    Customizable: You can customize the button text, shape, color, font, and more.

    8. MailMunch

    Mailmunch: List Building Tool
    MailMunch is an all in one solution for your list building endeavors. It enables you to create popups, topbars, slide box, landing pages, etc. Also, you can embed your opt-in forms anywhere on your page and sidebars.

    Unique Features:

    Page-level targeting: Target specific posts and pages on your site to improve lead capture.
    Entry/Exit targeting: You can create an entry or exit-intent popup for enhanced targeting.
    Analytics: Leverage the in-built analytics for better optimization. They also provide a/b testing features.

    9. ScrollBox

    Scroll Box: List Building Tool
    If you don’t want your opt-in to be too flashy or annoying, then Scroll Box is the perfect solution. You can set a popup trigger that will go off only after the user has scrolled through a certain percentage of your page.

    Unique Feature:

    Customizable: Get total flexibility to customize the design to match the aesthetics of your website.
    A/B Testing: Test different versions of your templates, designs, buttons, etc. to improve performance.
    Advanced display parameters: Create and trigger different versions of scroll boxes depending on the traffic source (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

    Case Study:

    Webinar Ninja started generating 300% more leads after implementing Scroll Box, Sumo Pro, and List Builder. And according to their co-founder Omar Zenhom, Sumo is the ‘classiest way to invite’ audiences to sign up.
    Scroll Box: List Building Tool

    10. AdRoll

    AdRoll: List Building Tool
    You can use AdRoll to retarget your visitors across devices and platforms. Create and run dynamic ads to remind abandoned visitors to opt-in for your email services. It also boasts an Ai-driven platform that can automatically personalize the user experience on your site.

    Unique Features:

    Geotargeting: Target or exclude users from specific cities, regions, and countries.
    Dayparting: Dayparting gives you the flexibility to set specific days of a week to run your ads.
    Frequency cap: Set the number of times your ads appear to a person on a single day.

    Case Study

    Hash Ching implemented a strategy to target abandoned audiences using AdRoll. And the new strategy paid off! It resulted in a whopping 700% increase in leads and lowered their CPA as well.
    Case Study: AdRoll

    Still Here?

    Well, now you have the 10 powerful list building tools to start growing your email list. We tried to cover the tools for all the elements required in the email list building. In spite of that, we may have missed some well-deserving names for the list. So, do let us know if you have come across an email list building tool that deserved a mention.

  • brand awareness

    Podcast as a Marketing Tool: How to Grow Brand Awareness

    - by Etee Dubey

    Podcast as a Marketing Tool: How to Grow Brand Awareness

    With almost more than five billion people owning a mobile device, listening to podcasts is one of the ways individuals of the modern world find information and seek entertainment. Right now, there are an estimated 54 million podcast episodes, coupled with 800,000 active podcasts around the globe. The state of podcasting in America alone indicates that 70% of people are familiar with this audio content. With these astounding figures, it is evident you need to leverage the podcast for brand awareness. Here are some benefits of choosing podcasts as your marketing tool.
    podcast fro brand awareness
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    Podcast For Brand Awareness: Building Relationship and Trust

    Podcasting paves the way for your business to have a strong voice. With your chosen content, you can showcase the thrust, personality, and character of your organization. Consequently, you can attract more clients and increase your sales goals in a natural way. Unlike pushy and traditional advertising that consumers no longer trust, podcasts allow you to build more authentic client relationships. In business, trust is vital in creating a loyal following in the market that is already saturated with products and services. And most of all, trust equates to more sales!
    For the new brand building trust is even more challenging and podcasts are a great tool to start connecting with the audience. A great example is Trailblazers Podcast, launched by Dell technologies, a new brand created in 2016 when Dell and EMC Corporation merged. The podcast isn’t about the brand but a collection of inspiring business stories. This is also a good example of engaging content, speaking with the audience, interested in entrepreneurship and real-world business experience.
    Trailblazers Podcast : podcast for brand awareness

    Podcast For Brand Awareness: The Fine Art of Engaging Content

    Remember that the world loves listening to podcasts because they cover a broad range of engaging topics. Your clients can multitask and listen whenever they want. Your audience can download your episodes to save for later, or they can listen to them the moment they are released. Starting a podcast also gives you the freedom to explore any format-you can be a solo host, do tandem hosting, invite guests, do a drama, perform a comedy skit, and more. Moreover, your messages can be as varied, allowing you to focus on unique stories, give advice, share experiences, play music, or whatever you want. No two podcasts are exactly alike because you can use your imagination.
    The perfect example of working engaging content is Hackable – branded podcast for McAfee, a software security company. Cybersecurity nowadays is vital for every aspect of life, but it’s not so easy to engage people with this topic – not many of us care and talk about cybersecurity until something goes wrong. Hackable managed to become super successful because of the perfect combination of humor, entertainment, and educational content.
    Hackable Podcast: podcast for brand awareness

    Podcast For Brand Awareness: Reach New Audience and Generate Better Conversion

    With your podcast, you can target a niche audience that will be loyal followers of your content. All you need to do is just get behind your mic and start sharing your knowledge in the most exciting manner. Once your passion for the subject shines through, you boost your company’s credibility. As your clout and authority increases, you will be able to generate attention. Your audience will likely approve, share, and comment on your podcast, helping your brand reach more people and expand your client base. As a result, generate more leads and create better conversion to boost your company’s profitability.
    Marketer Of The Month Podcast by Outgrow: podcast for brand awareness
    Marketer Of The Month Podcast by Outgrow

    We can see that even world-famous brands, such as TEDTalks start their podcasts to stay up-to-date for their audience with a fast-paced lifestyle.

    Podcast For Brand Awareness: Easy and Quick to Produce

    Podcasts are easy and affordable to produce. All you need for production is a quiet room, a microphone, a recording device, and an editing software. A free one by Audacity is a good starter option. Another important thing not to miss is your podcast description. After your podcast name and logo, the next thing potential listeners look at is your podcast description. So you’ve got to make it good. You can start it with a question, add episode highlights, insert helpful, interactive information, like an online flipbook, etc. Once you’ve produced a podcast episode, you can share this in your blog and social media channels. Apart from promoting your brand, you can monetize your podcasts through advertisements, sponsorships, collaborations with prominent brands or personalities, media summits, affiliate marketing, and more.
    As an added tip, you can always consider summarizing your podcast into explainer videos. Thereafter, you can upload those videos onto Youtube. This allows you to expand your audience to the Youtube’ ecosystem. When you are creating a video for Youtube, be sure to always add in a short animated intro video for greater brand recognition.
    In today’s scenario, it is very critical to use Podcasts for brand awareness. Because podcasts are convenient, they are one of the best ways your clients consume content in this modern era. Engaging podcasts are habit-forming. With the right mix of info, fun, light-hearted bantering, and music, your audience can’t just help but plug and tune into your show.

  • affiliate marketers

    Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? Here's The Truth You Need to Know

    - by Etee Dubey

    Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? Here’s The Truth You Need to Know

    Affiliate marketing began in 1989 and has been steadily gaining steam ever since. Today, it is a widespread revenue sharing trend that has opened up various channels through blogs, forums, social media websites, and big associate programs like Amazon Associate.
    But while many people have found success with affiliate programs over the years, things have changed significantly, and many marketers find themselves wondering if this marketing technique is dead.

    According to Statista, affiliate marketing spend in the U.S. has been steadily growing and is set to reach 6.82 billion this year, and 8.2 billion dollars by 2022 (up from 5.4 billion in 2017). A recent study by VigLink also shows that over 77% of affiliates experienced an increase in revenue every year since 2016.
    These eye-opening statistics clearly show that affiliate marketing is far from dead.
    In this article, we are going to take a look at how the trends for this type of marketing have changed over the years. We’ll also look at how the successful affiliate marketers are doing it, as well as how you, too, can capitalize on it.
    So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

    Affiliate Marketing Trends (And How They Have Evolved Over Time)

    Affiliate marketing has been steadily growing since its inception over three decades ago. In recent years, as the world began to shift toward a digital era, this technique became even more popular. When looking at the trends, it’s easy to see that affiliate marketing is not dying any time soon.
    a. Affiliate marketing accounts for 30% of sales for advertisers.
    b. It’s responsible for 16% of eCommerce in the U.S. and Canada.
    c. 81% of all brands depend on this channel to generate sales.
    d. This global industry is worth over 12 billion and continues to grow.

    Affiliate Marketing stats
    Affiliate marketing isn’t dead or dying – but it certainly has changed! What worked five years ago may not work today. That’s why many marketers who haven’t adapted to a better way of doing things find themselves faced with consistent failures.

    Here Are 3 Ways in Which Affiliate Marketing Has Changed:

    1. Increasing Competition

    The idea of working from home is extremely appealing, and there are more people going into affiliate marketing than ever before. Businesses are also realizing how lucrative this form of marketing is for their bottom line. With an increase in competition, and so many people all doing the same thing, tactics that used to work may not be as effective anymore.
    Affiliate Marketing Stat
    (Image Source)

    2. Inclusivity

    With more people jumping on the affiliate marketing bandwagon, big companies are becoming more selective about who they accept into their affiliate programs. They are vetting people more and putting stricter requirements like having a successful blog, website, email list, and so on.

    5. Brands Rising

    The future of affiliate marketing lies in brands. Facebook and Google have always favored brands, and that is not going to stop now. Big, trusted brands like the New York Times have entered into the affiliate marketing space and others have followed.

    Changes to Amazon’s Affiliate Program

    Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace and eCommerce platform. This massive retailer boasts an affiliate program (Amazon Associates) with a 39.30% market share.
    The associate’s program recently underwent some changes that negatively impacted a lot of marketers.
    From April 21st, 2020, Amazon slashed affiliate commissions in a variety of categories, which left many people wondering whether affiliate marketing is still worth it. The reduction in commissions was upsetting for a lot of businesses and turned out to be nothing short of catastrophic for many others.
    However, as with everything else in life, there are always opportunities hidden in even the toughest hardships. And this is no different. The truth is that even with all of this going on, there are still countless marketers making it in the world of affiliate marketing.
    In fact, there are a lot of affiliate marketers who have proved their mettle again and again!
    If you want to join their ranks, I’ve listed some of the steps you need to follow to become a successful affiliate marketer in 2020.

    How to Become Successful in Affiliate Marketing

    In this section, we’ll look at a step-by-step process to help you take advantage of the opportunities that are currently available to you:
    How Affiliate Marketing Works?
    (Image Source)

    Step #1: Choose a platform to promote your products.

    You can either start a blog (which is my recommended method), or a youtube channel. Alternatively, you can create a Facebook or Instagram page. Basically, any platform will do where you can start building an audience.
    This video is a prime example of using YouTube to promote affiliate links. While it’s a little more difficult on YouTube to use affiliate links because it’s not on the video itself, you can see in the video description a list of affiliate links that they encourage users to click.
    Affiliate Marketing Video

    Step #2: Brainstorm some ideas for your niche.

    What is your platform going to be about? For instance, you could start a sports blog and review different sports equipment, or you could create a youtube channel and focus on wedding photography.
    Choose a niche that you are knowledgeable or passionate about. It can also be a topic that you want to learn more about. Whatever niche you choose, it should also be one that is in high-demand, with lots of people you can provide value or solutions to.
    As an example, this blog post discusses different kitchen wine bar ideas and many of the items on the post itself are affiliate links. The niche is focused on everything related to the home, but wine bar ideas are an idea within that niche. This website is full of examples like this.

    Step #3: Find products to promote.

    Now that you have your niche, it’s time to decide on which products you’ll be promoting. I recommend that you promote only products that you have used personally or that you totally believe in.
    Trust is one of the major factors in determining your success as an affiliate marketer, and you need to be sure of your products’ benefit and value to your audience.
    Pat Flynn, from Smart Passive Income, is a champion of this affiliate marketing method. Throughout his website, you’ll see the only recommends software and products that he personally uses.
    Pat Flynn

    Step #4: Market your products and start earning commissions.

    The fourth step is to start promoting your products. There are several different ways to do this, including:
    a. Social media marketing
    b. Search engine optimization
    c. Blogging
    d. Emails and newsletters
    e. Helpful YouTube videos
    f. Ad banners and links on your site
    g. Offer promos, coupons, and loyalty rewards

    However, content creation for search engines is one of the best and most effective ways of promoting products. It also allows you to provide your audience with immense value.
    You can create a lot of helpful content, including product reviews, review roundups, comparisons, tutorials, and so on. You can also share your own personal experiences with any of the products you’re promoting which will increase trust.
    For instance, OutdoorGearLab uses its website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their reviews. The key to marketing your affiliate products is to create content on various platforms and convince your audience to click to purchase the items you’re discussing.
    OutdoorGearLab Affiliate Marketing

    Step #5: Optimize Your Affiliate Offers

    The final step is once you’ve already seen some success as an affiliate.
    Oftentimes, amateur affiliate marketers will make a few bucks, get excited, and leave an article as it is in hopes that it’ll continue to bring in revenue on autopilot.
    But that’s not actually the best way to go.
    The great affiliate marketers find something that works, then optimize the page using testing software to increase their conversions even further.
    As an example, a website may create a piece of content about a particular product, and 10% of the people who visit that page convert to a customer. That’s great! The business is able to make affiliate income from what they’ve written.
    But what if that same brand used A/B testing tools to increase that conversion to 20% on the exact same page?
    Now, with a little extra effort, they are essentially doubling their income from the page by optimizing what they’ve already written.
    This is how great affiliate marketers work. They don’t stop with a few commissions, they find ways to increase their conversions (and revenue) by optimizing content as best as they possibly can.
    This page has a ton of examples of using A/B or multivariate testing to increase conversions. While I don’t think any of them are specifically related to affiliate marketing, all of these give insight into the best practices companies use.


    Affiliate marketing is not dead – it’s simply changing, and that is great news.
    Sure, Coronavirus, Amazon commission changes, and Google algorithms can sometimes turn the affiliate marketing universe upside-down, but it’s still worth pursuing for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort necessary to build a trusted brand and provide value to their audience.
    So if you are ready to set off on this exciting journey, use the information in this article to help you get started right now!

    About The Author

    Ron Stefanski
    Ron Stefanski is a website entrepreneur and marketing professor who has a passion for helping people create and market their own online business. You can learn more from him by visiting OneHourProfessor.com
    You can also connect with him on YouTube or Linkedin.

  • Product Based

    Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

    - by Antara Agarwal

    Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

    We know that with the global pandemic, things can seem a bit grim at times. So, here is our attempt to brighten your day a bit! Presenting the Outgrow product update for the month of June 2020.
    They say that there’s always scope for improvement and we like to stick to that mantra!
    outgrow lead generation tool

    1. Add Links To Your Pinterest and Instagram Handles

    You can use the Outgrow builder to direct users to your social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter, and Vkontakte. There is a toggle for ‘Subscribe to Social Feeds’ under the ‘Setting’ tab within the Results for all content types. Here you can include the links to your social media profiles so that you can direct more users and they can learn more about you.
    Opposed to earlier, now you can also add the links to your Pinterest and Instagram profiles because they are two of the most popular and dynamic social media platforms out there. In fact, statistics say that around 72% of users make decisions based on Instagram content.
    Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

    2. Use Your Favorite Layouts Better

    Outgrow offers a variety of layouts for you to choose from for all its interactive content types. And we strive to make your experience better with them each day.
    We have added the ability to automatically trigger a redirect to the Chicago layout. Now instead of having to click on the required CTA, the Outgrow builder will automatically redirect your user to your destination page after a certain amount of time. You can access this feature in the results settings under ‘Redirect URL’. You can select the time period after which it will be redirected. We will soon be adding this feature to other layouts as well!
    The second change that we’ve made is to the Tokyo layout. You can add all three CTA options below your results at the same time.
    So, Redirect CTAs, social media shares and the option to subscribe to social media feeds can be added on the same results page at the same time!
    Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

    3. More Custom Variables? We got you! 

    Custom variables allow you to import and export data to and from Outgrow. You can send and fetch this data from other places by using URL parameters. Previously, you could only do this for 10 variables. In this product update, we have increased that limit to 20.
    You can check out this support document here to understand better how you can make the best use of custom variables.

    4. Integration With Webflow CMS

    We at Outgrow wanted to allow our customers the ability to send their Outgrow responses to Webflow CMS. Previously, this was possible with our Zapier integration. However, now we want to market Outgrow towards a no-code community. Outgrow allows you to edit rich text now. So if a user submits a rich text for a text area field and the field is mapped to a Webflow field that supports rich text, you can send rich text as it is. So long, confusing codes!

    5. The Outgrow Success Stories- On Your Fingertips!

    We have revamped our case study page and it’s never been better. On this page, you can have a look at our best clients and their experience with us. You can check out the visits and leads they generated by using Outgrow interactive content. We have also added the experience they created so that you can get a better idea of how Outgrow works at its best!
    You will also find a freshly made ‘Outgrow App Marketplace’! On this page, you will find all the details of all the tools, apps, and services that you can connect with Outgrow. You can look for the tools by category and by whether they are free or paid. It’ll help you make use of Outgrow’s diverse nature and flexibility!
    We also have a little something planned for the next product update. Something big, it’s bound to catch your eye. It could be the first thing you see. Can you guess what it is?
    Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

    6. Result PDFs and More

    As you know, you can design custom PDFs that your users can download from the results page of your Outgrow content piece. You can include all the information in the PDF because there’s only so much that you can display on your builder. After all, you don’t want to bombard your user with information!
    As opposed to earlier, you can now create and add PDFs for surveys and polls too! Moreover, you can also attach these PDFs in the notification emails that users may get after they have completed the experience.
    It is easier to convey a larger amount of information in an efficient way. The user can just download a PDF about their result instead of having to open their mail every time!

    7. Looking For Advanced Math?

    More often than not, our clients need to build interactive content with the need to calculate ‘time taken’. It could be the time taken to ship a product or the time taken to complete a test. Now Outgrow offers you the ability to calculate the hours between 2 dates!

    8. And Much More!

    We have introduced a toggle in our text area so that you can convert it into a WYSIWYG editor for end users. You can now collect rich text in Outgrow and have your users submit blogs, posts, and more!
    We have also added a bunch of UX tweaks to make your life much easier and your experience much better.


    So this is where we end with our product update for the months of May and June 2020. We hope you’ll enjoy these latest changes to our product as much as we do. And also, we’d always love to hear from you in order to understand where we can get even better. Nobody can help us improve if not our customers, right?

  • content marketing agencies

    Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in the Middle East

    - by Soumodip Roy

    Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in the Middle East

    In today’s scenario (when 30% of internet users are using ad blockers), content marketing should be at the core of all online marketing efforts. Targeting your audience with curated content at every stage of their journey is quintessential for success. And to do that, you need the help of expert content marketers. This blog will help you find the best content marketing agencies in the Middle East.
    outgrow lead generation tool
    So, without further adieu let’s find out the perfect content marketing experts for your brand.

    1. McCollins Media

    If you are looking for the best content marketing agencies in the Middle East, then you have to look into McCollins Media. They can help you create top-notch content that resonates with your audience. Their services include Arabic & English content, videos, lead generation, and more.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #1: McCollins Media

    2. Alsayegh Media

    Alsayegh Media can help amplify your brand’s voice through highly engaging content. And by content, we not only mean written words but also videos, infographics, audio, and more.

    Case Study:

    With a mix of viral videos, digital ads, and social banners, Alsayegh amplified the services provided by the Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi. DMA not only became the No. 1 Facebook page in terms of engagement but also got 18k twitter followers in 3 months.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #2: Alsayegh Media

    3. Havas Blink

    Havas Blink is the pioneer digital & content marketing agency in Israel. Not to mention, the top 30 companies in Israel rely on them for their online endeavors. Some of their services include social media management, video production, website content, influencer marketing, and more.

    Case Study:

    In 2008, Tnuva (Israeli Food Processing Company) launched 2 new flavors of their white chocolate, Yolo. In order to promote that, Havas created a 3D animation video and collaborated with an influencer Facebook page. As a result, the video gained an organic exposure of 184,000 views, 2,600 likes, and 7,000 comments.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #3: Havas Blink

    4. Webpals Group

    Webpals Group can help curate user-specific content to target audiences across the buyer’s journey. Their expert team of writers and designers can deliver engaging content such as informative articles, videos, in-depth product reviews, and more. Also, they have an all-round digital marketing solution to target users at every touchpoint on the internet.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #4: Webpals Group

    5. Webedia Arabia

    If you are interested in growing your business, then look no further than Webedia Arabia. You can leverage their understanding of the local Arabic culture and a trend-savvy team of content experts to create locally relevant content. In other words, they can tell your brand’s story in a way that connects with the local people.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #5: Webedia Arabia

    6. Traffic Digital

    Traffic Digital is arguably one of the most efficient content marketing agencies in the Middle East. They start by digging deep into your core business objectives, target audience, and competitors. Then, an expert team of content marketers delivers a unique content strategy for your brand. From Arabic content writing to videos and photographs, they can mix it all together. Also, they have a dedicated team to deliver multilingual content for your global audience.

    Case Study:

    Emirates called upon Traffic Digital to create content that can deliver maximum organic reach at minimum cost. Traffic Digital came up with an April Fool’s Day prank that showcased an imaginary plane with a swimming pool, gym, park, and more. Needless to say, it caught the attention of the internet in a jiffy. Hence, the campaign got 23M reach, 707k interaction on Facebook, and 417k engagement on Twitter. Furthermore, the Insta reach was 1M along with 106k engagement.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #6: traffic digital

    7. NMQ Digital

    NMQ Digital has to offer something unique in the content marketing domain. Unlike other agencies, they offer a holistic content marketing consultation. This means, if you have your own team of content creators, NMQ can guide them to curate locally relevant content. Also, they help you roll out your content marketing campaigns on a global scale. Besides content marketing consultation, they offer services like SEO, digital reporting, database management, and more.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #7: NMQ Digital

    8. Glacial Multimedia

    Glacial Multimedia works exclusively for the medical sector. From content creation to distribution, they handle it all for you. They create e-newsletters, digital flipbooks, videos, etc. to attract your online audience. Additionally, they provide services like medical website creation, SEO, social media strategy, and more.

    Success Stories:

    With a robust content strategy following the SEO best practices, Glacial revamped the website of RGB Cataract & Lasik. With the new strategy in place, the website saw an 80% YOY increase in website sessions.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #8: Glacial Multimedia

    9. Altavia Dekatlon

    Altavia Dekatlon is much more than a content marketing agency. They cover all the aspects of modern-day marketing techniques. Moreover, Altavia offers services like social media, content marketing, digital PR for digital communication of your brand. Additionally, you can avail of their retail & in-store expertise, print management, technology products, etc.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #9: Anasayfa Dekatlon

    10. Langoor

    Langoor is one of the biggest content marketing agencies in the Middle East. And it can be a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing worries. They are capable of delivering a data-driven content strategy coupled with a digital strategy to market your content. Besides this, they provide services like analytics, social media, SEO, websites, and more.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #10: Langoor

    11. Xtra Mile

    Xtra Mile has a holistic approach to content marketing. First, they define the buyer’s persona followed by customer journey mapping and channel mapping. Eventually, they move to content strategy, campaign strategy, and finally measurement & optimization. Needless to say, they are an expert in this field and specifically serve B2b clients globally.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #11: Xtra-Mile Lifecycle Marketing

    12. Centric

    Well, if you want to tell your brand story in a simple yet interesting way, then Centric must be your go-to agency. They are masters of creating visual stories that echo in the minds of your audience. Some of their services include content planning, video production, copywriting, translation, and photography.

    Case Study:

    Centric developed a robust content marketing strategy for Mentos to promote the launch of 3 new flavors. With a contest campaign on Facebook, Centric successfully reached out to the young South African fans.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #12: centric

    13. Jeel Media

    With a team of content writers, strategists, and graphic designers, Jeel Media is one of the finest content marketing agencies in the Middle East. This experienced team can deliver the right content, to the right audience, and at the right time. They reach out to the audience with gifs, videos, images, ebooks, infographics, and more.

    Case Study:

    The Arab International Academy, appointed Jeel Media to improve their online presence and boost lead generation. And with a strong content strategy, Jeel was able to connect with the target audience at every touchpoint. As a result, AIA saw an 11% increase in ROI along with other commendable results.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #13: Jeel Media

    14. Macoli Sarl

    Macoli Sarl provides a comprehensive content marketing service dedicated to improving your ROI. They serve original and engaging content in the form of infographics, blog posts, motion graphics, and eBooks. Besides content marketing, they offer email marketing, PPC, SEO, websites, etc.

    Success Story:

    Macoli reshaped the online presence of Portemillo ( Hotel & Resort brand ) with a tailor-made content and social media strategy. They used high-quality photographs and videos of the resort to reach out to the audience. Additionally, Macoli delivered a responsive website to improve the user experience on their site.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #14: Macoli Sarl

    15. LeadtoMarket

    LeadtoMarket is a well-known name among the content marketing agencies in the Middle East. With a data-driven content strategy, they are committed to improving engagement and ROI for your brand. Their content marketing services include infographics, social media posts, market research, etc. Apart from content marketing, they offer conversion optimization, back-office services, and more.
    content marketing agencies in the middle east #15: LeadtoMarket


    Well, now that we have come to the end of this blog, let us conclude by saying ‘Content is still the King’. And the success of these content marketing agencies in the Middle East is proof of that. Do let us know if we missed out on any agency that rightfully owns a place on our list. We are always on the lookout for the best in the business!
    Oh! By the way, don’t forget to check out our interactive platform Outgrow. It lets you take control of your content marketing efforts efficiently. You can easily build interactive content like quizzes, calculators, and a lot more using its platform. So, go ahead and do some digging!